January 13, 2013
13 January.

I view overseas trips as an opportunity to indulge in some self gifting. (Who am I kidding - I view every single day as an opportunity for self gifting. Anyway.) I like to pick up something special in each country as a reminder of my time there, however after the riotous SG in Japan *cough* Prada *cough*, Thailand three months later called for a little restraint.

I bought this Marc Jacobs bracelet in Bangkok and initially I couldn’t decide between the teal or the tan leather. Both had rose gold hardware but in the end I thought the tan would be more versatile. I love it - it’s super simple but different from the usual bracelet and you can wear it alone or layered. And at a touch over $100 it didn’t exactly break the bank. I wore it today with a navy J.Crew cardigan, neon coral singlet and the khaki shorts and gold thongs I’ve rocked all weekend. A creature of habit, clearly.

Natalie x

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